LSU, Ole Miss Fans Fight in Bleachers

LSU v. Ole Miss
LSU v. Ole Miss /

LSU visited Vaught Hemingway Stadium to face off against the Ole Miss Rebels on Saturday as a part of college football's Week 8 slate. Ole Miss dominated, 31-17. While the rebels are not in the running for anything this year, it was if anything a nice tribute to Eli Manning, who was honored by the university that day.

It was not all sunshine and rainbows, though. LSU fans squared up against the Ole Miss faithful in the bleachers during the game. It looks like it was the student section and the Ole Miss side was wearing suits, for some reason.

It looks like a high school fight, to be honest. The private school kids in their finest attire vs. the public school kids wearing normal sports stuff. Socs vs. Greasers type stuff.

Hard to imagine either administration will be pleased about this.