LSU Fullback J.C. Copeland Called Himself "Luscious Brown" After Suffering a Concussion in the Shower

Stephen Douglas

J.C. Copeland is a senior fullback for LSU. Copeland will return to the field on Saturday for LSU’s game against #1 Alabama after missing the last two games with a concussion. Copeland suffered the concussion after slipping and falling while attempting to exit the shower. From The Advocate:

"LSU fullback J.C. Copeland learned a hard lesson a few weeks ago — wash the soap off your feet and hands before exiting the shower."

Sorry. Had to highlight that a newspaper said this about a 22-year old college student.

"“I was walking and I was turning the corner and I slipped and my hand slipped while I was falling, tried to catch myself and I hit the side of my head,” Copeland said Monday in his first public comments about the incident. “That’s all I remember after that. Five to 10 minutes was like a blank, and I didn’t know what happened.”"

At one point, Copeland called himself “Luscious Brown,” though he claims to have no idea where that came from. Hopefully the NCAA investigates. And makes LSU install some sort of water-providing device in their showers so players can successfully rinse off after practice. [The Advocate, H/T Chuck]

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