LSU Football Has 30 Players in Quarantine From COVID-19 Exposure

Ed Orgeron
Ed Orgeron / Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

The LSU Tigers are the latest college football team to see a coronavirus outbreak since players have started to return to campuses. According to Sports Illustrated, 30 players are currently quarantined after either testing positive or coming into contact with a teammate who tested positive. LSU senior associate athletic trainer Shelly Mullenix spoke to SI.

""It’s not surprising we’re seeing the rise right now,” she told SI. “It’s a pandemic. We should not be shocked. The story is that it’s exactly what we said it would be. We were prepared from the get-go for a lot of virus. The good news is we’re seeing subtle virus illness.”"

While it's good that none of the football players have had any serious illness from the virus, it might be troubling to learn they just aren't wearing their masks correctly.

"“When you do contact tracing and get some honesty from kids, it’s very easy to see where it came from and what happened,” Mullenix says. “I can talk to them about wearing a mask, but if your mask is under your nose, you’re not wearing a"

It seems the school is even taking credit for helping to pinpoint an outbreak in Tigerland bars. Multiple bars and restaurants, which had just opened, have again temporarily closed.

"A portion of LSU’s football players are quarantined after frequenting a string of nightclubs near the school’s campus called Tigerland. On Friday, the Louisiana Department of Health announced that more than 100 Tigerland bar-goers have tested positive for the virus and warned those who have frequented the establishments to quarantine for at least 14 days. Mullenix is in constant contact with the Louisiana Department of Health, showing health officials team trends, a process that helped reveal the Tigerland bar outbreak."

We will just have to wait and see how LSU players and college kids across the country act when school is actually in session again.