LSU Self-Imposes Bowl Ban ... In Season It Probably Won't Make a Bowl

Ed Orgeron, LSU v Arkansas
Ed Orgeron, LSU v Arkansas / Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

On Wednesday, LSU announced it would self-impose a one-year bowl ban due to a NCAA investigation into the school's football program. This is the right move by the Tigers, especially given their stellar record of ... *checks notes* ... 3-5. Yeah, they sure were ticketed for a great bowl game, what a brave stance.

LSU has two games left, a matchup at Florida this weekend and the Tigers are scheduled to host Ole Miss at some point. There's virtually no chance they finish above .500. While the NCAA did waive bowl eligibility requirements for this season, LSU would have been in an awful game even if it made one. So this announcement means virtually nothing.

The university's football program has already self-imposed penalties related to numerous offenses and has banned Odell Beckham Jr. from its facilities for two years. Sports Illustrated had the details on those sanctions:

"The school is docking itself eight football scholarships over a two-year period and reducing recruiting visits, evaluations and communication after a nearly two-year investigation uncovered booster payments to the father of a football player, sources tell Sports Illustrated. The school is banning from its facilities for two years ex-LSU receiver and current NFL star Odell Beckham Jr., who distributed $2,000 worth of $100 bills during a wild scene that unfolded on the field following LSU’s win over Clemson in the national championship game in the New Orleans Superdome."

They kind of buried the top line there and decided to focus on Beckham. Just sort of breezed past the details of a booster paying the father of a football player.

LSU booster John Paul Funes funneled $180,000 in stolen money to the father of former offensive lineman Vidal Alexander. Funes later admitted to having embezzled more than $500,000 from a hospital in Baton Rouge. The money was payment for what the NCAA deemed a "no-show job." Yeah, that's some pretty serious corruption.

LSU reportedly believes the NCAA will find several Level 1 violations (the most serious). The Tigers' basketball program is also facing an NCAA investigation but has not yet received a formal Notice of Allegations from NCAA Enforcement.

Something tells me this bowl ban won't help much.