Louisville Appears to Be Implicated in Paying 5-Star Recruit Brian Bowen $100K


As the world continues to unwrap the fallout from the FBI investigation into intertwined corruption in the college basketball and apparel industries, three separate prominent reporters — NYT’s Andrew Das, Yahoo’s Jeff Eisenberg, and Dana O’Neil formerly of ESPN and soon to be of The Athletic — have read through the lines and deduced that Louisville’s recent recruitment of 5-star recruit Brian Bowen appears to not have been on the up-and-up:

That last tweet from O’Neil refers to how Rick Pitino slithered out of Louisville’s prostitution scandal comparatively unscathed. Ironically, Pitino griped in 2014 that the shoe companies were too influential in recruiting. Also, LOL:

I feel a bit queasy touting this FBI investigation. Who gets harmed when major corporations funnel $100k to families of elite players? Don’t we think a lot of these top-tier athletic schools are cheating on a level playing field? If there were an open market, didn’t Louisville (allegedly) get a bargain on Bowen? You can bet your bottom dollar that if these allegations are true Pitino will be one of the crown jewel fall guys in this probe.