Louis Vuitton's New Hockey Glove Look Is Incredible

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Forget everything you thought you knew about fashion because Louis Vuitton has stumbled into something that will change everything. Wearing hockey gloves as an accessory. The cutting-edge shop debuted its incredible brainstorm during peak sartorial season and demands every square inch of your attention.

A few questions come to mind. First and foremost: what possibly took so long? This is an incredible look. And it's functional in parts of the world where gloves are required when going outside half the time. Every sharp-dressed man from Montreal to Minneapolis should have been wearing CCMs or Bauers while walking to the feed store for the past 50 years. Maybe more.

Simply a giant missed opportunity for society. Thank goodness the wise designers and visionaries at LV are here to push us into the future. The next step is to make the fingertips iPhone-friendly. Once that happens, baby, we have a stew going.

Also, I know that red and white sweater would probably cost $10,000 combined but damn, are they gorgeous too. All-time runway look here.

Winter cannot get here soon enough. Can't wait to shovel out my driveway looking like Steve Yzerman doing dirty work down by the crease.