Los Angeles Strikes Deal to Represent the United States for the 2024 Olympics Bid


Per NBC 4 Los Angeles,

" Los Angeles and the U.S. Olympic Committee have struck a deal that will make the city America’s 2024 Olympic bidder pending approval by the city council next week. If the council approves the deal at a meeting Tuesday, the USOC will announce Los Angeles as its candidate, a person familiar with the process told The Associated Press. "

Boston was originally selected to be the United States’ representative, however, the USOC announced that it was changing its mind last month — and going with LA.

The International Olympic Committee’s deadline for cities to officially nominate themselves is Sept. 15, but, the IOC won’t pick the host city until 2017. The supposed “front-runners” for the bid are Rome, Paris, Hamburg, and Budapest — as it’s all but official that Los Angeles will attempt to match London as the only city to host the Olympics three times.

Like anything involving the Olympics, there’s been some debate involved with the Olympic bid, however, the citizens of Los Angeles appear to be huge supporters of it — despite the ludicrous price tag of hosting the world’s biggest party:

" Last week, the city unveiled some details of a plan that puts the price tag of an L.A. Olympics at $4.1 billion and projects a $161 million surplus. In choosing Los Angeles, the USOC cited polling data that showed more than 80 percent of the city’s residents liked the idea of hosting an Olympics. It’s a far cry from Boston, where approval marks couldn’t break out of the 40s. Still, there have been questions about cost overruns, and some city councilors want to build in safeguards assuring taxpayers won’t be on the hook for potential debt. "

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