Los Angeles Chargers Welcomed Another Pathetic Crowd In Week 1

Ryan Phillips

The Los Angeles Chargers opened the second season of their “Fight for LA” and it’s going just about as well as the first year. The Bolts opened the season by welcoming the Kansas City Chiefs to Los Angeles. Apparently a huge chunk of K.C.’s fanbase came along for the ride.

I’m gonna shock you here, but the crowd at the StubHub Center was overwhelmingly packed with opposing fans. It was a sea of red.


Listen to the crowd on this play and remember, it’s a Chargers home game:

Geno Smith tried to pump up the home crowd and…yeah:

Even Chargers great Dan Fouts ripped the situation on CBS’ national broadcast.

Dean Spanos and his idiot sons ignored when everyone told them this exact scenario would play out. Now they’re in a city that doesn’t want them, have no fans and their team is an embarrassment on the field, losing 38-28 in its opener.

This is so pathetic and stupid it’s hilarious. It’s also a continuing source of embarrassment for the NFL.