Los Angeles Chargers Welcomed Another Embarrassing Crowd In Week 3


Stop me if you’ve heard this before: the crowd at StubHub Center for a San Diego Los Angeles Chargers game was awful. A huge portion of the crowd were Kansas City Chiefs fans, and for the fourth time in four games at the stadium (including two preseason contests) there were plenty of empty seats. And just a friendly reminder, StubHub only seats 27,000.

How bad was it? Well, the Chargers knew the crowd was so pro-Chiefs that they didn’t even do player introductions over the public address system due to fears their own players would get booed. In their home stadium. In a new city the league told us was so desperate to have the NFL that it could support two teams. A city Dean Spanos said contained 25 percent of the team’s fans.

So, the “Fight for LA” is going swimmingly it appears.

Check out some of the tweets and crowd shots from the day:

These are from the second quarter:

To add yet another embarrassment to this mess, this banner was flying over the stadium before the game:

As I and may others have said repeatedly, the Chargers move to Los Angeles was moronic, mishandled and has been a disaster. Ultimately it will be a failure and the league knows it.

UPDATE: The Chargers claim the game was a sellout:

To explain that “sellout,” remember the NFL only counts “tickets distributed” not the amount of people who go through the turnstiles. At this point it’s clear ticket brokers bought up a ton of the team’s season ticket packages hoping there would be demand for re-sale tickets. The demand isn’t there, which is why those tickets have been purchased but don’t have people in them. The brokers haven’t been able to unload those tickets on anyone.