Los Angeles Chargers Logo Gets Booed Relentlessly At Lakers-Clippers Game

Ryan Phillips

Dean Spanos and his Los Angeles Chargers continue to have a horrible week. After announcing they were abandoning their fanbase in San Diego to move north, Spanos and his organization has made about a dozen missteps while being raked over the coals by the national media. Things got worse on Saturday.

Spanos attended the game between the Lakers and Clippers at Staples Center and at one point the arena’s video board showed his team’s new logo. It was booed relentlessly by the entire crowd. Nice welcome wagon huh?

Is there anyone outside of the Spanos family who actually believes Los Angeles wants the Chargers? If so, this should be a pretty good indication that the city has rejected them already.

It is amazing how unanimous the hatred for Spanos and his franchise are. The entire sports world (outside of Roger Goodell and Spanos’ fellow owners, who all profited handsomely from the move) has torn him to shreds for abandoning the city that supported his team for 56 years. Spanos refused to negotiate and actually work with San Diego on a new stadium and took a “my way or the highway” approach. A billionaire wanted his city to fork over hundreds of millions of dollars to prop up his pet project and the citizens roundly rejected him.

He’s a greedy billionaire who bolted for a chance at more money when he didn’t get his way in San Diego. I hope he enjoys being known as a villain for the rest of his life.