Looks Like Adrian Gonzalez Was Shamed Into Showing Up At The World Series

Ryan Phillips

As we wrote yesterday, Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez had reportedly decided to take a family vacation during the World Series instead of being on-site with his teammates. Several members of the Dodgers organization commented on his absence and many around the sports landscape couldn’t believe he wouldn’t be there to support his team.

Well, it appears Gonzalez has been shamed into showing up, as reports from Chavez Ravine before Game 2 say he’s at the stadium, in uniform.

During Game 1, Gonzalez was actually in-studio with SportsNet LA instead of at the ballpark:

And he has been absent from the team during the entire postseason. It just strikes me as odd that he was in Los Angeles but not with his team during Game 1. I’m sorry, that’s just a really puzzling decision.

For a guy who had never been to a World Series, and is a member of a franchise that hadn’t been to one in almost 30 years, you’d think he’d want to be there helping in any way he could. It appears that he’s changed his mind and is in attendance for Game 2.

It makes sense that he’d be there, after all, he’s faced Houston’s starter Justin Verlander more than anyone else on the Dodgers. Having him there giving advice should be tremendously helpful to those actually suiting up and playing.

Frankly, I hope Gonzalez came to this decision on his own and wasn’t pressured into it. If the Dodgers go on to win the series and he had not been there, it’s something he would have likely regretted for the rest of his life. He’s 35 and likely doesn’t have many chances left at making a run like this.

The Dodgers gave him permission to go to Italy, but now that he’s back he should be with the team. That’s where he belongs. Even if he’s injured he should be there to support his teammates.