Look at This Embarrassing Turnout in Jacksonville. Do They Sign Tim Tebow This Week?

By Jason McIntyre

Jacksonville, by far the worst team in the NFL, had a poor fan turnout for the Jaguars’ game against Indianapolis today. Would you pay money to see this dumpster fire? The Jaguars have three first downs and the game is near the midpoint of the 3rd quarter.

There’s no way this is 75% capacity. As the season progresses, and the embarrassingly-bad Jaguars make a run at 0-16, the crowds will continue to dwindle.

So the Jaguars sign Tim Tebow … this week? Or next? It’s gotten so bad even Brent Musburger was lobbying for the move Saturday night during the Ohio State/Wisconsin game.

I’m not sure what the holdup is. He has legions of fans in Florida.

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