Lolo Jones Went on Leno and Talked Tim Tebow, Which Makes Everyone More Relevant

Stephen Douglas

Across newspaper headlines, across the Twittersphere and across many of our minds, the story of the women’s hurdles isn’t Harper’s continued dominance, Harper’s return from an often career-eviscerating arthroscopic knee surgery or Harper’s odds of repeating her performance at the Beijing Olympics.

If this were to be based solely on talent, solely on performance and what each athlete has to show for it, Harper would be — without question — the first thing that came to our minds when we think of women’s hurdles. But Lolo has a certain recipe that often supersedes talent and achievement in today’s Hollywood sport’s world.

There is no rebuttal. Jones is pretty and if she isn’t at the top of her sport, she’s close enough to the top that people care about her. Thus when she finishes third in a race and goes on Leno, people are going to get excited when Louis CK suggest she and Tim Tebow make a sex tape.

And that was the first time I heard Lolo Jones speak. *tugs collar* Anywho… Lolo Jones is sure to be a “hot” topic during the Olympics so it was very important that we have this post talking about the “Lolo Jones – Tim Tebow sex tape” that does not exist. Maybe if Dawn Harper went on Conan and proposed to Mark Sanchez, people would talk about her more.

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