Logan Roy's Last Words Changed the Course of 'Succession'


Logan Roy, an American titan and passionate champion of the nation, died on Sunday. He was pronounced dead on arrival at Teterboro airport by an expert in ground medicine and you need to know that the plan landed immediately and did not circle while waiting for the markets to close. Roy, an alleged loving father, is survived by his four children, multiple estranged spouses, and one flight crew member whose arms are very tired from doing chest compressions for at least 45 consecutive minutes.

Roy's final words - "Clean out the stalls. Strategic refocus. A bit more fucking aggressive." - represent not just the dawn of a new era at Waystar Royco, a great American family company, but a major shift in the final season of Succession. Seriously, in lieu of a traditional Next On they broke out a whole new trailer for the final seven episodes of the final season.

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Congratulations to Jesse Armstrong and the whole team at Succession, because they nailed this. This was a full bait-and-switch where we spent months seeing a trailer for a season that is not going to happen. This was an absolute shocker up there with Richie Aprile and, well, every Game of Thrones wedding. They killed Logan Roy and no one saw it coming and now there's a completely different show.

And it's exciting. Getting rid of Logan and his various hangers-on (sorry Colin) is cleaning out the stalls for the show to strategically refocus and get a bit more fucking aggressive. There should be no fear that they don't have a plan. You don't kill Logan Roy if you don't have a damn good plan.

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And what epic last words for Logan. Combined with his last words to his children as a group, it paints quite a picture. When asked about the last thing he said, anyone who knows him would be smart to channel Michael Bluth and lie.

So R.I.P. L to the OG. The company and the show will not be the same without you.