Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather is the Fake Fight of the Century

Stephen Douglas
Jake Paul and Logan Paul. Or Logan Paul and Jake Paul.
Jake Paul and Logan Paul. Or Logan Paul and Jake Paul. / Johnny Louis/Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather is going to fight Logan Paul. According to The Athletic, the exhibition bout will take place on June 5. According to Floyd Mayweather's Instagram, the fight will happen in either Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas or Atlanta. According to me, it's going to cost too much money no matter where they set the price.

Floyd Mayweather retired from real boxing in 2015. After winning a unanimous decision over Andre Berto, he walked away with a 49-0 record, only to be lured back into the ring for a highly lucrative bout against Conor McGregor in August 2017. Despite McGregor having never been in a boxing match, the fight was sanctioned and Mayweather now claims a perfect 50-0 record.

This time he'll be facing a more experienced boxer in Logan Paul, who is 0-1 with a split decision loss to English YouTube personality KSI. They are both going to make so much f---king money. And why wouldn't they? Who wouldn't want to tune in to watch one of the greatest boxers ever have a half-assed sparring contest with a guy who was told by a doctor two years ago that he shouldn't expose his brain to any risk of further damage?

The Paul brothers probably shouldn't be boxing at all!

Look, the important thing is that we've heard of Logan Paul. And we've heard of Floyd Mayweather, so why shouldn't they pretend fight and spend the next month and a half pretending this is real so tweens can make them both richer?

What I need to see is The Money Team's cost-benefit analysis where they figure out exactly how famous and bad at boxing one of these celebrities needs to be to get Mayweather to have a little training camp. They must have figured out how much the highest number of people would possibly paid for this down to the cent.

The only question is who fights Jake Paul after this.