Livan Hernandez's World Series MVP is Up for Auction, Makes for an Excellent Last-Minute Christmas Gift

By Mike Cardillo

Still stumped on what to buy the sports-loving fan in your life for Christmas? Is a Fathead simply not going to cut it? Consider the current Lelands online sports auction site. You’re sure to find something to impress.

Former Major Leaguers Livan Hernandez and Juan Gonzalez have put up a veritable treasure trove of memorabilia from their playing days on the auction block. In the market for a 1997 World Series MVP trophy? You’re in luck. How about a 1996 regular season American League MVP plaque? Ditto.

As nice as the MLB stuff is, the jewel of the current auction series from Lelands is Christian Laettner’s 1992 Duke jersey worn during “the Shot.” Seems like a bargain with a reserve price of only $100,000. Perhaps the sizable anti-Duke Internet community can band together to purchase the jersey and then set it on fire during the next UNC/Duke hoops broadcast.

Since it’s the Monday before Christmas and nobody much feels like working, why not kill some time scrolling through all the sports championship rings up on the auction block. $300 for the 1982 MLB All-Star game from Montreal seems like a steal.

In most cases I’d side with the late River Phoenix, as in, these priceless items belong in a museum. That said, if you’re savvy enough and make the right buy you’ve got the ultimate trophy to had out for your fantasy league.

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