Choosing a Favorite LIV Golf Team Is An Impossible Task

Patrick Smith/LIV Golf/GettyImages

We're less than two weekends away from a star-studded event as LIV Golf heads to Mexico to cram an unreasonable amount of drama into 54 holes. Those who have somehow delayed in selecting their favorite of the 12 competing teams are on the clock. And because it's a daunting task, the league has created a slick little one-minute video where each makes their pitch. Here it is.

So much to think about. So many good points.

Phil Mickelson is Phil Mickelson and the Hyflyers laugh at traditional spelling. Sergio Garcia and the Fireballs are extremely easy on the ol' eyes. Bubba Watson and the Range Goats march to the beat of their own drums. Dustin Johnson and the Four Aces are grinding at all hours of the night out there on the range. The Majestics have a fashion icon in Ian Poulter. Joaquinn Nieman and Torque GC are under the impression they are competing in Formula 1. Iron Heads is either one word or two. Martin Kaymer makes a strong case for how fun Cleeks is to say. Bryson DeChambeau and the Crushers mash things up real good, Bro. Brooks Koepka and Smash bring the memes. Cameron Smith and the Rippers are every bit as reliable as the original group from Full House. Louis Oosthuizen and the Stingers might invite you over for a cookout.

They're all so good that, like that precious little girl, we're going to need some time to think about it. Decisions like this cannot be rushed.