LIV Golf Tickets: How Much Does It Cost to Attend?

Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

LIV Golf is currently in its second season and is hoping to continue its growth. There are six remaining events on the calendar taking place on U.S. soil and you might be wondering to yourself how much it would cost to attend.

LIV Ticket Price

Tickets for LIV golf tournaments can be purchased online and at the events. Last season, an average ground pass ran about $49 while club tickets could run up to $3,500.

For the Tulsa event, ground passes are $39 and there are plenty of other add-ons to explore. LIV also offers discounts for military personal, students, first responders and teachers. Children under 12 are also free.

Aggressively reasonable pricing is a smart strategy of the goal is to grow the game and there are no shortage of stars who proved they could still compete in the biggest stage. In terms of value, it's a pretty good deal.