Listen to New Indiana Football Coach Kevin Wilson Make Fun of a Couple Radio Clowns


Wilson, whose voice was shot to begin with, came out firing (listen to the interview here). When asked what he’s been up to, Wilson barked, “we’re yelling at media guys, they don’t have a clue.” Caught off guard, the hosts laughed it off and Wilson said, “I got some things to do guys, what do you guys need?” I can envision the hosts looking at each puzzled. Wilson: “How can I help you guys?”

The discussion quickly goes nowhere and Wilson lets them have it: “I don’t like being on hold while guys crack jokes about our program.” You can barely hear Wilson the rest of the way, and for all I know, he hung up. The radio hosts claim to hang up on Wilson, and then, feeling empowered, blast the coach: “That guy’s an ass! I’m sad my kid is going there … I’m going to call Ron Zook and tell them to pound Indiana.”

Here’s video of the two radio guys defending themselves after the interview.

Indiana football fans haven’t had much to cheer about since Antwaan Randle-El left over a decade ago … but Wilson’s going to be very, very easy to root for. [Hat Tip: @JimmyTraina]