Video Shows Taylor Decker Trying to Talk to Referee Right Before He's Called For Game-Ending Penalty


The Dallas Cowboys beat the Detroit Lions on Saturday night in a thrilling game between two of the best teams in the NFC. The Lions drove down the field and had a chance to take a lead with a two-point conversion with 23-seconds left in the game, but a successful Jared Goff conversion to lineman Taylor Decker was negated because of a penalty. Or two. The Internet is still trying to sort it out!

Decker caught his pass, but was called for illegal touching and the Lions failed to convert on two more attempts to take the lead. Initially, the controversy was whether or not Decker reported himself as an eligible receiver to the referee, but a closer look on SportsCenter appeared to show him talk to referee Brad Allen before the play. Or at least try to talk to the ref. Allen then appeared to talk to the Cowboys defense where he apparently only identified #70 Dan Skipper as eligible.

There's even video of Jared Goff appearing to tell Decker to go tell the official before the play.

As of right now we're stuck with Decker not reporting despite the fact that he looked like he reported. The only other argument for this to be illegal would be if the player to the left of Decker was also on the line, which he wasn't.

Only the NFL.

UPDATE: An upset Dan Campbell did not seem happy with the explanation after the game.