Dan Campbell is Your New Favorite Detroit Tough Football Guy [UPDATE]

Dan Campbell at his introductory presser.
Dan Campbell at his introductory presser. /

Dan Campbell, the new Detroit Lions head coach, had his introductory press conference on Thursday. Judging by Twitter, it appears that Campbell won the press conference, as a few of the Lions' seven previous head coaches over the last two decades probably also did. Will Campbell succeed where they all failed? Only time will tell, but for now, Detroit has a guy who can very vividly describe the brutality of football and partial cannibalism.

Really incredible stuff. He's not the first coach to say that he's going to lean into the inherent toughness of a city, but no one has done it in such a colorful way before.

If you rewind the press conference, you'll also see Campbell get emotional talking about Sean Payton and his time with the New Orleans Saints as both a player and coach. Campbell does come off as a guy who really cares, so that will probably be a nice contrast for Lions fans after two years of Matt Patricia.

So it looks like the Lions have hired an intense football guy who wears his heart on his sleeve which should make for some interesting moments with the press and on the sideline. Especially during the parts where the team is being knocked down. You know, in between bites of flesh and bone.

UPDATE: Dan Campbell is also apparently a big fan of The Big Lebowski as he has had 'The Dude' added to his nameplate outside his office.

Here's Campbell back when he was playing for the Saints. It's all starting to make sense.

New Orleans Saints 2009 Headshots
New Orleans Saints 2009 Headshots / NFL Photos/Getty Images