Lions Fans Threatening to Stop Rooting For the Lions Over Colin Kaepernick is Amazing

Kyle Koster
Detroit Lions v Buffalo Bills
Detroit Lions v Buffalo Bills / Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions will be among the NFL teams sending a representative to Colin Kaepernick's Saturday workout. With Matthew Stafford likely sidelined for an extended period and playoff elimination hiding behind only one more loss, there's little reason or urgency to bring in the polarizing free agent. But teams are wont to do their due diligence.

The Detroit Free Press' Dave Birkett -- like any other human being who dares mention Kaepernick's name in an online post -- was beset with a deluge of emails for simply reporting this news. More than one person, it appears, wasted no time issuing an ultimatum to Birkett, who I guess was supposed to relay this to Bob Quinn and other Lions brass -- that signing Kaepernick would be the last straw for their fandom.

Now, for some perspective, the hapless Detroit football franchise has been arguably the worst in all of professional sports over the past six decades. It has a single playoff victory under its belt since 1957. Not only has it squandered an all-time great running back and wide receiver, the depths of despair caused them both to retire at 30.

It takes a near-textbook masochist to tune in every Sunday. It takes intense commitment to Einstein's definition of insanity to think the result is ever going to change.

In short, the phenomenon of Lions fans turning on their team en masse due to Colin Freaking Kaepernick is equal parts comical and depressing. Funny because after all these decades of refusing to make that choice despite all evidence pointing to it leading in the direction of a happier life, this is what did it. Sad because it took some serious devotion to another cult-like hold to do it.

Detroit isn't likely to bring Kaepernick in. But maybe they should. Think of all the desperate people they could release from their death grip. Think of all the increased business at Michigan apple orchards on the weekend. Life works in mysterious ways.

The true joy, of course, would be the Lions taking a flier on Kaepernick and -- though improbable -- the quarterback taking them on a magical playoff run. It would truly be amazing to watch the emotional anguish on display from a long-suffering fanbase.