Detroit Lions' Win Clearly Inspired By Enormous Sandwich In Stands


The Detroit Lions managed to win a single playoff game over a 66-year stretch to established themselves as one of the most cursed franchises in the illustrious history of American professional sports. They've now won two playoff games in eight days after doing just enough to thwart a plucky Baker Mayfield and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers yesterday at Ford Field. Which is tremendously jarring to a fanbase that has no idea what to do during all of this. With their emotions. With their hands. Whatever.

So you're seeing things like this: an enterprising young man who showed up to the stadium with plenty of time to settle in before kickoff and construct an absurd sandwich like architects imagining rebuilding Chicago with skyscrapers.

Look at the sheer verticality of that thing. It's so stupid that you have to respect it. Like, it's 100 percent clear he's doing it only for the visual and not because it's going to be possible to eat.

As this began to go viral, an investigation revealed something even more incredible and downright concerning. That might be a $250 sandwich. In this economy!

Now we're not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Look, the only person who should be eating that silly of a sandwich at that venue is Tim Robinson. Because that's a small price to pay for comedy and his production company can probably swing it.

Maybe this dude is going to San Francisco for the NFC Championship Game. Best of luck to him for finding something on the menu half as obnoxious.