Lions Draft Pick Kyle Van Noy Engaged to Miss Utah Marissa Powell


Kyle Van Noy was selected by the Detroit Lions with the 40th overall pick in the draft on Friday night. Van Noy, who attended BYU, is also engaged to Miss Utah, Marissa Powell. According to her Twitter profile, she is an ELITE model, but really, what makes her elite? Has she won a Super Bowl like Joe Flacco? I digress…

The couple got engaged in 2013. As Guyism points out, this is the same Miss Utah that struggled to find an answer in the question portion of the Miss USA pageant last year.

She shouldn’t feel bad. I get asked questions about Game of Thrones on a weekly basis and I often struggle to recall which pre-planned answer to use. We all struggle under the bright lights of a podcast the Miss USA Pageant.

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