No Kid Rock During Detroit Lions Games Has Us Thinking Super Bowl

Nic Antaya/GettyImages

The Detroit Lions have tried pretty much everything over the past 65 years and none of it has worked. Sure, there was the one playoff win in 1991 but the organization's inability to be relevant in a league that manufactures parity is equally frustrating and impressive. It's been time for drastic measures for decades. And honestly, there is some positive momentum as Dan Campbell understands the enormity of the task and the makeup of the fanbase. Throw in an exciting draft in which the Lions may have gotten a defensive anchor for the next 10 years and a game-breaking wide receiver and there's some cause for reasonable optimism.

And that's before discovering, as we did this afternoon, that Ford Field will no longer play Kid Rock. Because it will be pretty hard to play Kid Rock after the gameday DJ purged it from the system.

Do not underestimate the value of a good vibe shift. There was a time not so long ago you would be locked up for even suggesting that a sporting event in Detroit could take place without Kid Rock blasting over the speakers. Things change quickly. Hopefully for the better.