Lingerie Bowl VIII: Temptation Defeats Passion

Stephen Douglas

I can’t find an exact number of pay-per-view buys for this year’s Lingerie Bowl, but going up against the Black Eyed Peas’ electrifying performance on FOX, I can’t image the number was very big. Let’s go to the Las Vegas Review-Journal for some analysis.

The blocking was crisp; the tackling fierce. There was a flea-flicker and two double reverses. Salerno threw a tight spiral from one end of the T&M to the other that a saucy little tyke named Melissa Marguiles hauled in over her shoulder in full stride for a touchdown.

I hear the Lingerie Bowl was playing in the Packers’ locker room during halftime yesterday. When Marguiles caught that bomb Aaron Rodgers pointed at the screen and yelled, “Is that so fucking hard!?” Then he slapped Brett Swain and told him he was getting a hair cut Monday whether he liked it or not. What are we doing here? Oh, yeah – girls playing football in their underwear.

And if you missed this from Conan last week…

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