Lil Wayne Believes He Was Treated Like Crap at the Lakers Game Because of His Anthony Davis Takes

Kevin Mazur/GettyImages

Lil Wayne is out with some explosive and vague allegations regarding his treatment at the Washington Wizards-Los Angeles Lakers game at Arena last night. It's another data point pointing to the fact that it's been very hard for members of the Undisputed cast to attend NBA games without incident over the past few years.

The most important thing to know is that everything is all good and he gets it. In fact, he's used to and he thinks he knows exactly why he was given such a receptions: his recent commentary about Anthony Davis.

Around the start of the season, Wayne suggested the Lakers needed to trade Anthony Davis in order to be a championship team. It was something to say during the final segment before Colin Cowherd came blasting in with The Herd and maybe he knew there'd be dire consequences to pay nearly four months later but he powered right through it.

We don't even know what exactly happened so it's tough to know why that something happened yet it is truly funny to imagine Lakers fans or staffers plotting their revenge on a hot take over the holidays on the off chance they ever see Lil Wayne.

Morning television can have consequences.