Let the NBA Draft Picks Wear the Hats of Teams They're Actually Playing For


Through 11 picks in the NBA Draft, five players have been picked who are in all likelihood going to be traded from the teams that officially picked them: De’Andre Hunter, Jarrett Culver, Jaxson Hayes, Cam Reddish, and Cameron Johnson.

What’s especially silly about this is that they have had to go through the charade of wearing the wrong hat while they’re interviewed on television, as it’s acknowledged in the conversation that they’ll be playing elsewhere. For example, De’Andre Hunter had to wear a Lakers hat, when we know that he is ultimately getting traded to the Hawks (by way of the Pelicans from the Anthony Davis deal).

A lot of people have noticed that this is profoundly silly:

The NBA is generally a sensible league about dumb optics like this, and they should either go with no hats in these situations or, better yet, allow the players to wear the hats of the teams we all know they’ll actually be playing for.