Let's Revisit LeBron James vs. DeShawn Stevenson


LeBron’s exacting some revenge this postseason, first dispatching the Celtics (who knocked him out of the playoffs in 2008), and then the Bulls and Joakim Noah (who he beefed with in 2009).

Next up? DeShawn Stevenson. Surely you remember Stevenson and LeBron’s battles when they were with the Wizards and Cavs’, respectively. The video above really is fantastic, and I suggest you watch it all. I came away from it remembering how much I actually like LeBron James: He’s so cocky and he can back up everything. (Who could forget this?) Stevenson’s signature move was to make a couple shots and then wave his hand in front of his face as if to say, “I’m so hot I can’t feel my face” or (as others think) “You can’t see me.” The Cavs’ – especially LeBron – mocked Stevenson at the end of the series

I imagine we’ll mostly see Shawn Marion on LeBron and Stevenson on Wade, but with any luck, Stevenson and LeBron will matchup.

And remember, LeBron makes lists.