LeSean McCoy: Daniel Jones Isn't a Condo, He's Like a Garage

McCoy isn't impressed by Jones.
Houston Texans v New York Giants
Houston Texans v New York Giants / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

On Tuesday's edition of FS1's Speak, LeSean McCoy offered a passionate explanation for why the New York Giants should have given Saquon Barkley a new contract. McCoy couldn't believe the Giants invested in quarterback Daniel Jones and not the former first-round running back. His description of Jones' value was ... odd.

Emmanuel Acho asked McCoy if he would rather invest in a $350,000 Bentley or a $200,000-$300,000 house. The implication being that Barkley was the Bentley, something flashy that would depreciate over time, while Jones was the practical choice as the house. McCoy responded the house, of course. Then he said, that Jones isn't a house, he's not even a condo. He's basically just a garage.


I get what McCoy is saying but I'm not sure anyone would agree with him. He's a former running back defending a current running back. I get it. But the NFL simply doesn't value that position the way it used to. Times have changed. Even an average quarterback carries more "value" than a ball-carrier.

I think it's fair to claim Jones isn't a star. He's had a single season that could be considered above average and that's all it was. He completed 67.2 percent of his passes for 3,205 yards, with 15 touchdowns and five interceptions. His passer rating of 92.5 was a career-high, as was his QBR of 60.8. But those numbers won't blow anyone away. He did add 708 yards rushing and seven scores on the ground. But it's not like he tore up the league.

The Giants awarded Jones for his performance with a four-year, $160 million contract. The deal contains $82 million fully guaranteed, which is a lot for a guy without much of a track record. Essentially the Giants chose to pay him and not Barkley. Which, again, given the way the NFL operates, wasn't shocking.