LeSean McCoy Accused Of Child Abuse, Must Be Suspended

Ryan Phillips

LeSean McCoy appears to be in deep trouble. The mother of McCoy’s six-year-old son reportedly has a pending case against him for abusing the boy.

Stephanie Maisonet filed an affidavit on Tuesday supporting McCoy’s ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon in her lawsuit against the Buffalo Bills running back.

ESPN Bills reporter Mike Rodack published the details on Tuesday:

Maisonet included a picture of her son with a bruise on his face, and alleges McCoy kicked her and their son out of his house in 2011, refusing to even let her retrieve her son’s belongings.

She further alleges that on July 9, 2018 she overheard McCoy discussing removing Cordon from his house. Then he later asked her to “help him with this home invasion” after it had happened. McCoy wanted her to be a character witness, and in return he offered to concede in their custody case.

She complied and allowed McCoy confidant Tamarcus Porter her Instagram password. He then posted a comment on her account claiming the allegations of abuse were not true and that Cordon was just trying ruin McCoy. She now says she knew the allegations were true the whole time.

Maisonet further alleges that McCoy would often drop their son off with bruises on his body, and McCoy would make “outlandish excuses” as to where they came from.

The NFL needs to investigate this immediately and McCoy must be placed on the Commissioner’s Exempt List until this can be explored. These allegations appear far worse than those against Adrian Peterson several years ago and must be treated as such.

McCoy should absolutely not be playing football right now.