Leonard Fournette Supports Minshew's Jockstrap Stretching Routine As Long As He's Completing Passes


One week ago, no one had ever heard of Gardner Minshew, now we know what he does in his jockstrap. Would the internet care at all about the Jacksonville Jaguars former backup / current starter if his name was Gary Matthews? That’s debatable. What isn’t debatable is that he likes to stretch while wearing nothing but a jockstrap.

Leonard Fournette, the man taking handoffs from Minshew these days, doesn’t care what his quarterback wears while he stretches as long as he’s completing 88% of his passes.

This is as much about superstition as it is about Blake Bortles. It’s not that Minshew is completing so many passes. It’s more that if Fournett stops seeing Minshews bare butt Blake Bortles might walk back into that locker room and then all hope would be lost.