Leonard Fournette and Jalen Ramsey Call Out Jaguars AP Reporter on Twitter

Leonard Fournette and Jalen Ramsey.
Leonard Fournette and Jalen Ramsey. / Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars waved the white flag over the past year, trading away or failing (declining?) to re-sign the top players who led them to within a quarter of the Super Bowl in the 2017 season.

That's left Leonard Fournette as one of the last men standing in Jacksonville, and he's not fully satisfied with supporting cast of characters around him. That led him to campaign for the Jags to sign free-agent quarterback Cam Newton last week. The Jags have Gardner Minshew, who flashed potential as a rookie last season, so Fournette advocating for Newton isn't a ringing endorsement. Mark Long, who covers the Jaguars for the Associated Press, was asked about this situation during an interview on ESPN690 and called Fournette out.

Besides saying he would choose Minshew over Fournette if he had to make a decision about who the Jags should retain long-term, Long also said Fournette was "stirring the pot" and "embarrassing himself." Long speculated Fournette wouldn't play another down for the Jags, suggesting a trade is in the future.

Fournette clearly wasn't happy with this and responded on Twitter.

Fournette wasn't the only one taking note of this slight. Jalen Ramsey, who the Jags traded to the Rams last season, also called out the Jags media in general. He finished by telling his former teammate to #GETOUT of Jacksonville, which seems likely at this point.

Fournette is in the fourth year of his rookie deal and the Jags likely won't pick up his fifth-year option as they continue to rebuild. As Long mentioned, that puts Fournette on the trade block as an asset they can move to acquire more talent or draft picks. If that happens, expect a few more parting opinions from both sides because, like so many relationships, breaking up offers the option to be fully honest. This was just our first view of what that's like.