Will the 'College GameDay' Headgear Tradition Continue After Lee Corso?

Scott Clarke/GettyImages

College football's first real weekend is just around the corner, so it's time to wrap up all those annoying tasks around house before solely committing to deepening the imprint on your couch. Kirk Herbstreit, who is on the call for Notre Dame-Ohio State on Saturday night, took part in a media call yesterday looking forward to the season and was asked a question that's been in the back of some media nerds' minds for a while.

Will College GameDay's mascot head tradition continue whenever it enters the post-Lee Corso era?

Anyone betting the under on however long Corso keeps on jamming his head into those sweaty things should remember his "not so fast" warnings because at 87-years old, he's still a vital and celebrated element of a show synonymous with college football. But that singular place does make it a bit harder to imagine there will be an heir apparent.

"I've thought long and hard about the headgear," Herbstreit said. "I feel like that's a Lee Corso thing. And I think, depending on who you talk to, you might get varying opinions. I’ve sat next to him. This will be my 27th year, and I can't imagine when Lee decides to step down another person putting on the headgear. I most definitely will not ever put on a headgear. Whoever that person is, I can't imagine them feeling comfortable being asked to put on a headgear."

There's something to both sides of the argument. Keeping it as an homage, done tastefully, would allow Corso's shadow to remain a beloved part of the show. Any potential successor to the bit — whether it be a guest picker or full-time member of the crew — will face an uphill battle because, well, that's definitely Lee's thing. The worst possible sequence of events would be keeping it going and having the masses rise up with backlash and then hastily sunset it. Considering how much the masses don't like new things, it's a very real risk.

Personally, I agree with Herbstreit's feelings even if I've never had the experience of sitting down and thinking long and hard about headgear. Something about someone other than Corso doing it just doesn't sit right.

Hopefully it's a decision to be made well down the road.