Lebron Takes the 'High Road,' Ayesha Curry Rips Him Anyway

By Tully Corcoran

“It’s a man’s league,” said Klay Thompson in reference to an episode in which an allegedly grown man punched another in the testicles because he felt the other guy was being mean. And with that, the 2016 NBA Finals were dragged ever closer to something that would feel equally at home on Bravo or E! or the middle school locker room down the street from your house.

To back up a second, this whole thing is about trash talking and its escalation to the point Lebron James passive-aggressively stepped over Draymond Green, and Green aggressive-aggressively punched him in the balls, resulting in Green’s suspension for Game 5 on Monday night. James has since been assessed a technical foul for taunting, and the Warriors lead the series 3-1.

Enter Thompson.

Reporters on the scene dutifully reported this message to James, who laughed.

Naturally, one of the real housewives of Walnut Creek stepped in to put a bow on it all.

Somebody put this series out of its misery.