LeBron James Was Having a Great Time on the Sideline During Lakers-Bucks

LeBron James
LeBron James /

Last night the Los Angeles Lakers treated their home fans to a thrilling affair by taking down the Milwaukee Bucks, 123-122. D'Angelo Russell dropped 44 points with LeBron James sidelined with ankle soreness and recent free agent signing Spencer Dinwidde rejected Damian Lillard in the final seconds to secure the victory. It is hard to overstate how important this was for Los Angeles. The Western Conference playoff race is so tight around the play-in tournament that one loss could drop them to the 10th seed.

However, nobody is really talking about that the day after. The focus is on LeBron's sideline antics during the game. At one point he wandered over to where Jeanie Buss and Linda Rambis were sitting and plopped himself down between them to shoot the bull. Apparently he's a funny dude because he had them in stitches.

When I first saw this video I was admittedly unaware of what Buss and Rambis looked like so I thought LeBron was just making two fans crack up and felt I would have laughed that much no matter what he said if I were in their spot as fans. It's LeBron James. Are you really not going to laugh when he makes a joke?

With it being Rambis and Buss, the jokes do not land the same. But that's alright. Still plenty of room to make cracks about how they're both giving an extra laugh here in desperate hopes LeBron does not leave their franchise in the dust this upcoming offseason.

The King is also a jester. Is that something?