LeBron James Would Rather Share Laughs With Kobe Than Play Defense

By Michael Shamburger

LeBron James took a page out of James Harden’s defensive play book and decided NOT to even attempt to play defense on this Wesley Johnson 3-point shot during the Thursday night game between the Cavs and Lakers. James literally just turns and starts running back down the court as the ball leaves Johnson’s hand. No wonder he looked so well rested.

Later in the game James caught a lob on a fast break from Kyrie Irving and bricked the slam. The missed sparked a smile and joking shove from Kobe Bryant. It was one of a few bro-mantic moments the two shared during the game.

The win ends a 6 game losing streak that for Cavs and gives David Blatt a tiny glimmer of hope that he’ll have his job for a little while longer.

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