LeBron James Was Called For a Pretty Blatant Travel and People Still Got Mad Online

Los Angeles Lakers v Chicago Bulls
Los Angeles Lakers v Chicago Bulls / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Lakers visited the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday night after losing to them in LA on Sunday. And a funny thing happened. LeBron James got called for a travel. It was a pretty easy call for the officials and Bulls announcer Stacey King hit visiting star with a solid one-liner. You would think that would be it, but this is the Internet.

First, many people who see this clip assume that the travel was not called because players - sometimes even LeBron himself - often get away with this sort of thing. So there are people mad or annoyed at the NBA and its officials for a correct call.

And then there are people in the replies to the above video arguing that it wasn't actually a travel because he was gathering. I swear to you that those people exist. There is truly no limit to what you will argue if venture into basketball Twitter. This league indeed.