LeBron James to Appear on Pilot Episode of 'Stick to Sports' With Cari Champion and Jemele Hill

LeBron James
LeBron James / Pool/Getty Images

On Wednesday, Cari Champion and Jemele Hill will premiere their new show, Stick to Sports on Vice TV. Champion told Bomani Jones on an episode of his podcast she and Hill came up with the show after Champion chose to leave ESPN in January. Champion apparently showed up at Hill's door with a bottle of wine and a camera crew to film the pilot. When asked what kind of topics the two planned to cover in an interview with Vice, Champion had the following to say:

"I know we're dealing with the racial inequities in our world, but we all put our pants on the same. We all get sick, we all cry, we all love. The goal is to break down that barrier. I'm so tired of hearing what people think what Black women are, what Black people are. And same for me. I have real, valid issues—which may not be—with white women, or white people. And I want to be wrong. I want to have guests on to change my opinion."

Cari Champion via Vice

Champion also told Jones on his podcast that they want to address topics they couldn't touch while employees at "the four letters." Hill said the show is a big "f--k you" to all the people who told her to stick to sports over the last few years.

It should be quite something. The pair went on Good Morning America on Monday to discuss Wednesday's premiere and revealed they have quite a big name as their first guest for the series: one LeBron James, the target of the original "shut up and dribble" comment that started the firestorm of calls for athletes and media members to stick to sports.

"I think we're going to have everything that says you shouldn't 'stick to sports,'" said Champion when asked by Robin Roberts what viewers should expect from their program. "I think our first guest, he is probably the poster child for 'stick to sports.' We'll have LeBron James on. He has so many wonderful initiatives happening right now. 'More Than a Vote,' he'll talk about that and what that community is trying to be doing and most importantly what they're expected to do, which is to really talk about voter suppression and stop it. So that's one of our guests for our premiere episode, Robin."

LeBron is a huge name to get for the first episode, obviously, and his relevance to what the show is all about will make his presence even more impactful. It should start Stick to Sports off with quite a bang.