LeBron James Discovers, Loves Basketball Scenes from 'Teen Wolf'


LeBron James was not yet nine-months-old when Teen Wolf debuted in theaters back in 1985. And it appears he may have entirely missed out on the ridiculous Michael J. Fox classic until today. But it's never too late to catch up on seminal art and learn the importance of embracing who you are. If your dad was a werewolf, you're going to be a werewolf as well, and although there will be some struggles, it's entirely possible to come out on the other side as a champion and to realize you love your best friend Boof.

James, who has an all-around game that balances power and selflessness, much like Scott Howard, is particularly delighting in the final basketball scene, which finds the Beavers needing to get past the Dragons in a regional championship game without the mystical forces that have been turning a benchwarmer into Playoff Jimmy Butler.

If your memory is clouded by 7 Minutes in Heaven or keg scene or van-surfing scene, you may have forgotten that the pivotal stretch takes up more than 8 minutes of the movie and has a banger of a backing track. And the ball is certainly of a certain time. There are hard fouls the Bad Boy Pistons would eventually co-opt, mid-range jumpers, and a nice mix of fundamental play and panache. The Beavers utilize a halfcourt trap to perfection, Chubby throws up a skyless hook off the glass and Jay Tarses steals the show stomping the sidelines and chewing gum as Coach Finstock.

They don't make 'em like this anymore and when they try to remake 'em it's usually an abomination.