Let Me Dunk on Skip Bayless Real Quick

Skip Bayless.
Skip Bayless. /

Skip Bayless is on the verge of flipping on LeBron James. I'm sure of it. The man who has spent the better part of the last decade questioning every move King James makes seems ready to switch sides and start moonlighting as LeBron's hype man.

He's been doing it for the last month out of nowhere, even going as far as saying he's "all-in" on LeBron and the Lakers winning the title because of his belief that LeBron is more focused than the rest of the top players. He added to his LeBron-Lakers MC duties today by saying James and teammate Anthony Davis could be the best duo since Shaq and Kobe.

Let the dunking begin.

First of all, Skip, if you're basing your belief that LeBron and AD aren't on the same level as Shaq and Kobe based on their lack of a championship, how are they even in the conversation of best duo since Shaq and Kobe? Quite frankly, they're not even in the same conversation as LeBron and Dwyane Wade or LeBron and Kyrie.

Secondly, not getting into Kevin Durant and Steph Curry was a big mistake by Skip here. They're clearly two of the top 15-20 players of all time and instead of focusing on them, he goes with Klay Thompson and Curry, which is moronic. Thompson is a great shooter and top-flight defender. But he's not in the same conversation as Durant.

Skip then starts talking about Tim Duncan and Tony Parker as being eligible for the title of best duo since Shaq and Kobe. I get that he loves the Spurs, but Tony Parker isn't a Top-50 player of all time. He was great in their system and great in the playoffs, but his limitations on defense and shooting from deep render that point moot.

The answer to this debate is Durant and Curry as the best duo since Shaq and Kobe. LeBron and AD would need two titles to match them. Until that happens, let's bury this debate alongside Skip.