LeBron James Says He "Broke His Hand" Punching Something in Anger After Game 1


LeBron James had a very good NBA Finals if you judge only on points, rebounds, and assists. He had a very poor Finals if you bring the win-loss record into play. After a disappointing rout in Game 4, the Cleveland Cavaliers (for now!) superstar showed up to the media room sporting a brace on his right hand.

“I let the emotions get the best of me and pretty much played the last three games with a broken hand,” he said.

"Sources told ESPN that the injury was the result of James’ punching a whiteboard in the locker room after that game. James was frustrated by the overturned offensive foul on the Golden State Warriors‘ Kevin Durantwith less than a minute remaining in regulation, which was changed to a blocking foul on James following a replay review by the official, and not JR Smith‘s lack of recognition in the final seconds, sources said."

The Cavaliers and James kept the injury a secret as to not give the Warriors a competitive advantage. Well, more of a competitive advantage. It’s not as if it mattered anyway.

Because it’s LeBron, people have no qualms openly questioning the veracity of this claim.

Anyone grounded in reality can see this isn’t an excuse. It isn’t meant to absolve him from not winning the series. He played well. His supporting cast did not. The Warriors are much better. It’s not that hard.

There is no one out there who thinks that the Cavs would have won if James hadn’t hurt his hand. No one. Not everything is scandal.

In fact, it’d be a better knock on James to point out the stupidity of self-inflicting a serious injury with the fate of the title still undecided. That’s the opposite of smart, something Michael Jordan wouldn’t have done, I bet.