Otherwise Respectable Podcasters Rush to Invite LeBron James On Their Podcasts

Phillip Faraone/GettyImages

LeBron James does not have a podcast. Yet. He may have a podcast in the future. This was teased during Game 2 of the NBA Finals, which James is watching from home like the rest of us. And that's not a slight because the only people who think he shouldn't say anything about anything seem to work under the Fox umbrella and one of them is named Skip Bayless. It's just to show that too much free time can spawn a podcast, even when the potential podcast host has a million better things to do with their time and energy. Trust me. I have a podcast and if I'd just been named a billionaire, you could not get me within an outlet pass of a microphone.

James opening the door to the possibility that he'd be talking about basketball on his show or someone else's show created some good, clean, and determined public guest-booking as his replies were quickly inundated with invitations to come on a podcast — any podcast — to discuss.

Just a cursory look at the people who thought it worth shooting their shot reveals a who's who of the podcasting industry. (Is there a sadder sentence in the English language than that?) Pardon My Take, Green Light with Chris Long, Inside Buzz With Mikey Domagala, GoJo Show, Silver Screen and Roll, and Bänkvärmarna, the self-proclaimed biggest basketball show in Sweden tried to capture the King's attention. There are literally thousands more.

It's the next morning and we don't have news of James recording with anyone, including himself. His tweet did not offer any solid timeframe as the "soon" is a doing a lot of work. So the mystery persists. And the quest to land the white whale of guests continues. There is still time to reply to James' announcement with something he won't read or do. The early bird gets ignored by the worm.

Now, with all that in mind...