LeBron James Calls Out Brian Windhorst on Twitter Over Michael Jordan Misrepresentation

LeBron James.
LeBron James. / Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

A little overnight Twitter beef brewed between long-time buddies LeBron James and Brian Windhorst over a story Windhorst wrote on ESPN. Going to the tape, it appears LeBron has a point.

After James said he thinks he would have been a good teammate to Michael Jordan on Uninterrupted, Windhorst, who has covered James since high school and followed him from the Cavs to the Heat and back to the Cavs, wrote a story about it and posted the following tweet.

James saw said tweet and wanted to set the record straight.

As a fellow journalist, I felt obligated to get to the bottom of the story so I watched LeBron's interview and listened carefully to his answer about playing alongside Jordan. If you would like to do the same, the video is below and you can skip ahead to the 38:05 mark.

Couple things:

- LeBron's office walls appear to be lined in marble. Interesting call.

-LeBron was asked: "Would you have loved to play with Mike and be a teammate of Mike?" He said "Absolutely."

- LeBron does not say he didn't envision Jordan as an adversary. He also was never asked about being an adversary of Jordan. He was only asked about being a teammate and said he would want to do that and that he would have been a great teammate to Jordan based on their playing styles.

- In his story, Windhorst says LeBron fantasized about playing with Jordan as a teammate, not an adversary. I did not find an area where LeBron said that.

- LeBron's favorite players growing up were Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Anfernee Hardaway. People forget how good Hardaway was. Not LeBron. Damn knee injuries.

In the world of Twitter, friends clash, even when they've known each other for over two decades. It's just the way the platform works. But in this battle between LeBron vs. Windy, I'm siding with the king.