LeBron James Looks Downright Depressed Out There

LeBron James
LeBron James / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Lakers lost again last night. This one stings a bit more than usual because it came at the hands of the Los Angeles Clippers in a so-called Battle For LA. LeBron James did absolutely everything he could to win, putting up 46 points in the 133-115 loss, but came up short in a way that is becoming very familiar for the Lakers.

The King looked rather downtrodden on the sideline as his 40-burger went to waste.

Feels like the "Wolves" music should be overlaid on this video. Hard to remember a star player looking this visibily depressed in the final minutes of a regular-season loss.

LeBron's demeanor postgame was not much happier.

It's hard to blame the guy. You see that chryon in the above video-- he's averaging a near-triple-double on 53 percent shooting from the floor in the last 11 games and the Lakers have gone 6-5. That's the level LeBron has to reach for Los Angeles to tread water at .500.

Fortunately for the superstar there was plenty of reason to smile later because news broke later that evening that Anthony Davis would return to the court on Wednesday.

Now LeBron doesn't have to ascend to a higher plane of existence to give the Lakers a chance to win every night. Until the next time AD hits the bench with an injury.