LeBron James, JJ Redick Admit to Watching Their Own Highlights on YouTube


LeBron James and JJ Redick have already made headlines a number of times with their new podcast "Mind the Game." The latest episode was no different, with a big revelation from the two long-time NBA stars.

In a clip from this week's episode, James and Redick both admitted to watching their own highlights on YouTube from time to time, particularly during slumps.

Check it out:

That's an incredibly humanizing moment. Of course when things are going badly you want to be reminded of when things were good. That's not shocking at all, but seeing professional athletes admit that is pretty amazing.

It reminds me of the time Pedro Pascal admitted to reading Instagram fan accounts dedicated to him when he's feeling down. He was hooked up to a lie detector test at the time, so he was kind of forced to admit it, but it was still amazing that he did.

James and Redick have been excellent together through the podcast's first three episodes.