LeBron James is Still Here

Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers
Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers / Harry How/GettyImages

The Geriatric Millennials, better known as the Los Angeles Lakers, have shown significant cracks as they flounder around the .500 mark 30 percent of the way into this pivotal season. Significant questions about Anthony Davis' ability to be the alpha persist. Luckily, they still have LeBron James, who has snapped into a vintage form over the past few weeks to remind everyone that somebody will have to take his crown as the NBA's best player by brute force.

Here are his juicy statlines from the latest five contests.

No matter how dire the regular season appears, Frank Vogel has a comfortable security blanket in the knowledge James could carry the load once the playoffs begin. Injuries have kept his minutes down so far this year and, barring disaster, a competent load-management plan will be employed to keep him as fresh as humanly possible come spring.

Even with the hot stretch, the Lakers star's numbers reveal he's being relied upon less. Though his scoring is up, his rebounding and assist numbers are down significantly. A Russell Westbrook can do that to a person. The adage about there only being one basketball actually plays here. James has shifted his approach on offense as well, shooting and making more three-pointers than he ever has. He's shooting with more frequency than any time since the 2009-2010 campaign.

Turns out the sky is not falling. Yet, at least.