LeBron James Hits Buzzer-Beater, Cavaliers Defeat Bulls in Dramatic Fashion


What an absolutely absurd finish between the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Today was Game 4 of their Eastern Conference Semi-Finals match up, and after a defensive/offensive/whatever you want to call it struggle… Insanity ensued.

First: in possession, up 84-82, and the shot clock turned off… the Cavs burned three straight timeouts because they couldn’t get the ball in bounds. Now timeout-less, James Jones got the ball to LeBron James, but, he received it in the corner, trapped, and had nowhere to go…Other than through Mike Dunleavy….

He was assessed an offensive foul for charging.

Next, Derrick Rose tied the game with this explosive layup…

Remember that whole “The Cavs didn’t have any timeouts left” thing I mentioned, David Blatt ATTEMPTED TO CALL ONE AFTER ROSE’S LAYUP.

HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? Somehow, Tyronn Lue was able to pull him out-of-sight before the refs saw it, and play continued…

LeBron went to the rim. The Ball went out-of-bounds.

Setting up one last play….


Look familiar?

Game 5 is Tuesday at 7 PM EST.

P.S. Joakim Noah, #FirstTeamAllDefense