LeBron James Got a Police Escort from Miami-Dade PD Because Jay Z Refused to Start a Concert Until LeBron Was There


LeBron James got a police escort to a Jay-Z concert in Miami on Friday night. LeBron doesn’t have an armored vehicle like J.R. Smith, so he generally has to sit in bad traffic like a normal person. On Friday, LeBron was the recipient of a police escort that broke protocol. Miami-Dade PD had to rush LeBron the 8 blocks to Sun Life Stadium because Jay-Z refused to start the show until he was there.

This is the celebrity version of waiting to start your Game of Thrones viewing party until LeBron James gets to your house. Except you don’t have Game of Thrones viewing parties in Sun Life Stadium. Also, I don’t care if LeBron says he’s “only 8 blocks away,” we start Game of Thrones at 9pm – police escort or not.