Skip Bayless Approves of LeBron James Getting Two Fans Ejected During Lakers-Pacers

LeBron James
LeBron James / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

LeBron James looked like LeBron James last night as he led the Los Angeles Lakers to an overtime win over the Indiana Pacers with 39 points. He broke out the Silencer celebration for the first time in a few years after hitting a filthy step-back three to effectively seal the game. It was fun to see after he's missed much of this season due to injury and a brief suspension.

His performance was somewhat overshadowed, though, by the fact that he got two individuals ejected from the court late in the game. He brought the referee over to a pair of Pacers fans sitting courtside and emphatically gestured towards them before they were escorted out by security. It was a rather shocking moment because we've seen over the years that LeBron has an extremely high tolerance for trash-talking fans, so they must have said something really bad for LeBron to get them thrown out.

Skip Bayless discussed the topic on Undisputed this morning and clearly found some holiday spirit in his heart because he approved of The King's actions.

It seemed like a really easy opportunity for Skip to tee up and talk about how Jordan or Kobe would've acted differently, but like the rest of us, he recognized there was probably legitimate justification.

Who knows what was said, but LeBron has undoubtedly heard some really nasty stuff as the NBA's most popular and most polarizing player of this generation. The fans deserved to get the boot if he felt they crossed a line.